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 “ India is a place where one of the greatest pleasures for a foreigner is that you’re constantly surprised.  Everywhere  you look is something that is either funny, or moving, but there is always so much that is unexpected. That’s part of the reason why people who like it, tend to love it.” 


Our Services

Whether you are traveling as a group, a couple, or solo, we can help you design a trip to suit your needs. We specialize in custom-made journeys to India, with each trip planned to extraordinary standards that reflect years of research and experience. We like to "slow travel" and focus on the culture, heritage, people, food and customs of a place. Our team has people skills to unearth treasures in every destination we visit. You can feel assured in knowing that every detail will be attended to, insuring your safety, comfort and peace while traveling in enchanted India. If you have a special interest or passion, we can curate an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your memory that will elicit joy forever. Let's start the discussion and design the trip you have always dreamed of...


What Our Clients Are Saying...


On the day that I reached 50 years of age, I decided to give myself a gift. Remarkably, throughout my entire life, I had never left the United States. Although many of the worlds beautiful destinations were  calling out to me, I could not help but be drawn to the passion that my dear friend Iris had for India. It soon became apparent to me that I needed to see her world, so I placed myself in her competent hands and set out on the adventure of a lifetime! I had absolutely no idea what to expect of India. But what I found there was nothing short of life changing. This country, this incredibly beautiful, magnificent, fascinating country was beyond my wildest imagination! The architecture, the colors, the incredible aromas, the food… Oh the food! It was all heart stopping! I found myself constantly looking around with absolute Awe at the incredible beauty that I had no idea even existed! India is a feast for the senses, a wonder for the mind and a spiritual journey for the soul. The history was fascinating! And the traditions of the culture were both beautiful and curious. I was so drawn to the people and how lovely they were. I was drawn to the incredible faith that they all encompass, as a photographer, I could not help but have my camera held to my eye almost the entire time. I could go back 100 more times and still not photograph everything I wanted to. It was absolutely mesmerizing. By the time our journey was over, I felt a strange sense of sadness at leaving this country. I wanted to stay and see more! I want you to experience every ounce of this remarkable place. I am so grateful to Iris for showing me her passion. When I arrived home from India, I had an overwhelming sensation that my life had been changed forever. It has been two years since my trip, and I still feel the same. Something happened to me On that journey to India that changed me forever in the most wonderful way. I look at life completely differently now. With wider eyes and a calmer soul. I cannot wait to someday return to India. And I most definitely will! Felicia L., Photography By Felicia

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