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Iris Eplan, Creator and Founder

My Story

People always ask me how my love affair with India began... 

On a chance trip to India in 2014 I fell in love. I landed in Delhi expecting that it would be an easy country for foreigners to navigate just as Europe is, in which I had traveled extensively in my 20’s. I had no set plan for India, just a rough itinerary and some hotels booked that I had researched online. The plan was to just “figure it out.” I mean, how hard could it be for this capable seasoned traveler to make the most of a quick 12 days in India? The short answer? Hard. I learned very quickly that India is not like other destinations in which you can just land and ”figure it out.”  India is a fascinating, incredibly wonderful place to explore but also - a chaotic, baffling traveler’s nightmare to decipher with its dizzying 5 sense envelopment that descends upon all uninformed travelers on arrival. After 2 weeks of being stood up by drivers, bamboozled by day tour guides and generally disenchanted and confused by many a head bobble, I departed technicolor India and returned to my monochromatic New York existence with the very firm idea that I had to return to see what I missed.  What did I just see and experience anyway? I knew I was touched by something inexplainable. The people and their devotion, the energy. It was all a messy blur but yet something had taken hold. You could say a seed was planted.  After 2 years of literally dreaming of returning, I finally arranged the trip, taking along my sister and her friends. This time, I made the proper arrangements; guide, route, hotels and all. We traveled through the northern regions of India on an adventure, visiting magnificent palaces and forts, holy shrines, world heritage sites, eating delicious Indian food, soaking up the culture, enjoying the colorful people, and this only begins to paint the picture. The tour guide, luxurious accommodations, special attention to detail, safety and comfort was a given because I had pre-arranged this. What. A. Trip! The laughs and joy of traveling beautiful India with my sister and her friends was a gift that rendered memories I still cherish to this day - even though I have been back with many groups and have created many more memories, all incredible and life giving.  My love of India and the idea of bringing people to see this beautiful country, collided on this second trip. Since then I have led many groups who still speak of their extraordinary time in India. In addition, I also work with people individually to create their own enchanted journey through India, allowing their ideas to take the lead on invoking custom itineraries which open their hearts and allow for explorations of the subcontinent based on their preferences and pursuit.  With this passion and excitement, I invite you to allow my team and I, the privilege to plan the most exceptional passage to Mother India. With years and years of experience, both personally and with my team on the ground in India, I would be honored to share my knowledge with you, so you too can experience the magic that India holds. If not now, when?


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